What Makes Our Homes Energy-Efficient?

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What Makes Our Homes Energy-Efficient?

October 10, 2021 2:17 pm
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At Brighton Homes, we pride ourselves on being an Energy Star home builder in Meridian ID. We go above and beyond existing standards to create homes that are easy on the planet and a comfort to live in.

Energy Star certified homes use 20-30% less energy than standard new homes, and much less than older homes. Using less energy is good for the environment. It also means you can save money on your utility bills. You’ll notice that your Energy Star home is more comfortable to live in year-round. The materials and systems used to build your house are designed to keep out the summer heat and winter winds so the indoor spaces can maintain pleasant temperatures.

Since 2009, every home we’ve built has been Energy Star certified. Careful thought and planning go into making our eco-friendly Treasure Valley homes energy-efficient. Visit our “The Brighton Way” page to learn more about the high standards to which we hold ourselves.

Receiving the Energy Star designation means that we have met or exceeded every required standard for building an energy-efficient home. We do that in several ways:

  • Our sealed building shells stop air from leaking in or out. We do this by using higher quality materials and better workmanship than you’ll find in average homes.
  • We use more than the required amount of insulation.
  • Low-E windows block UV rays to keep out the summer heat, while helping to keep warm air in during the winter.
  • High-efficiency HVAC systems with sealed ductwork keep your indoor air more comfortable and cleaner than average.
  • Energy Star appliances, light fixtures and water heaters use less water, electricity and gas.

Throughout the building process, each of our homes undergoes rigorous inspections and testing to be sure they meet Energy Star standards. And we stay on top of the latest developments so that we can always build the most efficient home for you.

Our homes go above and beyond the usual. We work hard to build you a home that’s a joy to live in as well as a good value now and in the long term.

Call Brighton Homes today at 208-908-7533 to start planning your new home with a dedicated Energy Star home builder in Meridian ID.

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