Ideas to Bring Blue into Your Kitchen

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Ideas to Bring Blue into Your Kitchen

August 18, 2023 10:57 am
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Blue is one of the most popular colors in new homes in Boise ID. Blue is a perennial favorite throughout our homes, from a light powder blue to a deep, rich navy. Recently it’s seen a surge in popularity as a color for the kitchen.

Blue is a calming color that can make a space feel refreshing, crisp, or soothing, depending on the shade. Soft, light blues are soothing, while crisp navy blue can feel refreshing and inspiring.

Two or more blues can be used together in one space. Blue also works well with white and with natural wood tones, including baskets and rattan. Accents in gold, black or yellow provide an attractive contrast to most shades of blue.

Here are 7 ways to use blue in your kitchen:

Accessories and Accents

This is a low-investment, low-risk way to try out a new color. Add blue to a rug, curtains, chair covers, linens, dishes, or other easily replaceable accessories.


For more impact without going all-out, try painting your island base blue. Start by painting a few sample patches if you aren’t sure which shade would work best. Live with the samples for a few days to see them in various kinds of light and on more than one side of the island.


Another relatively low-risk option is to paint your kitchen walls blue. For walls, a lighter blue will probably work best. Again, try a few sample patches first to see how it looks in relation to your cabinets, countertops and flooring.


Rich blue cabinets are all the rage right now, especially when paired with gold or black hardware and white countertops. Whether you choose to paint all your cabinets or only the lower ones, this is a bigger investment than painting the walls. Painting cabinets is best left to a professional, unless you have the time and skills to do the job properly.


Although adding a blue backsplash makes a smaller visual impact than blue walls or cabinets, it is more permanent and harder to undo. If you find a tile you love, this can be a good option to bring a touch of blue to your kitchen.

These ideas can help you customize the kitchen of your new home in Cartwright Ranch in Boise ID. This community has home designs with a wide array of kitchens to suit your needs. Some larger designs have both a pantry and butler’s pantry.

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