Top Designers Share Hot Trends in Home Decor

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Top Designers Share Hot Trends in Home Decor

May 9, 2021 9:20 pm
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Spring is the perfect time to refresh the look and feel of your home. And if you are lucky enough to be moving into one of our new homes in Boise ID’s Meridian community, the possibilities are endless, and the slate is clean. Here we take a look at what is trending in home interiors for 2021 from top designers – beautiful ways to make your space sing for spring this year!

5 Décor Trends for 2021

  1. The Midas Touch – Gold accents

Designers continue to feature gold accents throughout the home, including in kitchens and bathrooms – an elegant departure from the cooler stainless steel accessories and hardware that have dominated the design landscape for so many years.

Consider adding gold accent pieces like floor lamps, trays, and candles as a less permanent but equally effective way of updating any space in your home. They are elegant, evocative touches.

  1. Unique Kitchens

Bespoke flourishes like brushed gold or brass hardware, hand-brushed oak cabinetry, and elaborate, unique tiling are ways to set your kitchen apart. Imagine a custom mosaic as a feature of your backsplash, serving as a focal point and adding visual interest to your kitchen.

Another trend in kitchen design is the expansion of the island into something much bigger.  As more and more, kitchens serve as multi-purpose rooms, the island is taking on a life of its own. Often custom-sized to a homeowner’s specification, they now feature more seating for multiple workstations, custom storage solutions, sinks, and sometimes secondary appliances.

  1. Built-ins

Built-in furniture like bookcases, shelving, floating media centers, or discrete storage is not only space-saving, they convey a sense of luxury and customization. Designed specifically for an area and performing a practical function, demand for built-in features is growing.  Custom shelving or bookcases provide the perfect showcase for art, photos, and other meaningful objects. Homeowners can curate their displays and modify them regularly in visually appealing ways to update and refresh the look of their rooms.

  1. The Home Office – Reconsidered and Redesigned

As remote work has become the norm for millions of Americans, home office design has suddenly ascended in importance. Previously and often simply a “storage room for a desk”, homeowners now are rethinking, reconfiguring, and redesigning home offices as more time is spent in these spaces. Whether a separate room or simply a designated area of your home, the home office space should be beautiful and inspiring as well as multi-functional for homeschooling and Zoom meeting alike.  Take the time to add personal flourishes to the space to look less utilitarian and more reflective of your taste.

  1. Outdoor influences, Inside

As we’ve been denied many of our connections during the pandemic, many have sought refuge in nature – spending time outdoors appreciating the wonders of the world and grounding us in important ways. Designers have responded this spring by incorporating features and fixtures inspired by nature. Organic, sustainable materials like grasscloth wall coverings, majestic indoor plants, rustic wood occasional tables, and warm neutral palettes echo the outdoors and create an aesthetic that connects the homeowner to nature and imbues a space with a sense of calm and connectedness.

These influences extend to the shapes and textures that are trending as well. Sensual, organic curves are prominent in upholstered pieces – in sofas, loungers, and even accents like coffee tables and round carpets, creating soothing and relaxed interiors. The curvilinear shapes evoke a togetherness – like a nest or a cocoon. As well, textures add further interest to spaces – boucle fabrics, shaggy rugs, tapestries, etc. all convey additional warmth and balance.

Additional biophilic drama can be added by incorporating botanical murals or wall covering. Large-scale florals or other natural motifs on walls serve as show stoppers and impressive and literal celebrations of nature and, specifically, spring!


Ultimately, spring 2021 design trends reflect the importance of our home as a sanctuary. We want our surroundings to nourish us – to offer more than shelter.  As the world has turned our lives around, it has also shifted our perspectives, mostly for the better. Home is where the heart is, so a renewed focus on enhancing the spaces we inhabit seems like a very good idea!

Make a phone appt today with Jamie Nosek of Fathom Realty to discuss the home designs that will be offered in homes in Meridian ID.

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